Dearest earth mama - Pheonix Wild

Dearest earth mama - Pheonix Wild

Dearest earth mama. We are spellbound by your trueness and your connection with the here and now. Watching your beautiful family grow amongst the sea and the soil and the sunshine in Hawaii is pure poetry.

You present motherhood and nature as so intrinsically linked. Your feed and your lifestyle really appeal to a simplistic, melodious and conscious way of life - is being so connected to the earth and nature something that inspires your personal style?

Indeed. This is the sole reason for our relocation to the Hawaiian islands. My motherhood craved the earth as part of my own teacher and guide for raising my children. As for my personal style, I think that the unfolding layers of becoming more "nature centered" automatically required a more simplistic and conscious choice in my clothing. In Atlanta city life it was all about layering and being super extra, but here in the wilds of island life, nothing is more stylish than that one simple day dress or hair wrap to create effortless style.

Your gentle and earthly style - both in parenting and in fashion - is so genuine. How do you push back against fast fashion and weed out the ‘trends’ and stay steadfast in your own fashion sense and style?

I think that my location on the planet has a lot to do with that. Both, the community that I live in and the lack of thrift stores begging for people to hoard clothes priced at 50cents. My friends are all also very conscious about their style, we buy online or from local stores because there aren't any big name malls/department stores on the island. We also do clothing swaps to recycle pieces we aren't wearing anymore. Fast fashion and trends just aren't in my face, so I don't get tested like I would from living on the mainland. The ever-changing weather also dictates simplicity and honour with what I put on my body as well.

Do you consciously strive for brands and pieces that are gentle to the earth and are produced ethically and mindfully?

I do. This is the main criteria that draws me to collaborate with a brand. I also don't like to be super picky, as I know a lot of brands are doing their best and working to transition to a more natural and sustainable way of creating. So if it's not the best quality but a small business, I love to support. If they are vintage pieces that are not the best quality but it's eliminating fast fashion, I love to support. We are all in this ebb and flow of being more mindful in fashion choices. Compassion and awareness is key.

You dress your beautiful babies Iyume and Nikomi in the most gorgeous, neutral yet statement pieces. TLC loves how you equate freedom of self with what is written (or not written) across the tiny bodies of our children. We are big on self expression here at TLC and our mini lounge sets reflect that. What else would you like to see designed for our little people?

 I would love to see that one piece smock that I can just throw on them with simple bottoms when we need to make a dash. I also loooooove unisex gear for littles and actually a lot of Nikomi's pieces are from girls brands that I create into unisex looks for him. I refuse to just dress him in t-shirts haha.

Beautiful photography by @earthtoyoni 

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Words by Nikki 

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