Daydream | Breastfeeding Features

Daydream | Breastfeeding Features

In the world of motherhood, comfort, convenience, and style are paramount. At The Lullaby Club, we understand the unique needs of mothers, especially when it comes to breastfeeding.

That's why we've made it our mission to provide a range of thoughtful breastfeeding features that offer ease and discretion, so our valued customers can confidently navigate this beautiful journey.

Follow along on this journal post as we dive into the breast feeding features of upcoming collection , Daydream. Daydream introduces four new maternity friendly styles to TLC.


The designer behind TLC

What sets The Lullaby Club apart is our commitment to creating apparel that resonates with mothers because it's of course, designed by one.

Meet Alex, our talented designer and a feeding mother herself. Her personal experience has given her a deep understanding of the challenges and joys of breastfeeding. With this insight, she has made it her mission to apply breastfeeding features to each collection, ensuring that mothers feel comfortable, confident, and cared for when wearing our pieces.

Alex has meticulously designed our upcoming collection, Daydream, to deliver the delightful essence of spring, all while incorporating convenient feeding features within each style.

Alex and her beautiful daughter Frankie feeding happily in some of her favourite TLC designs. (Featuring the Ophelia Collection & Short-Sleeve Avalon Smock).

Discreet and Easy Access

Our range of breastfeeding features is a testament to the thought and care we put into our designs. We believe that mothers deserve the utmost convenience. That's why our garments come with zips on either side, allowing for discreet and easy access. Whether you're at home or out and about, you can breastfeed your little one with confidence and comfort.

Luna Pleated Mini Dress

The Luna Pleated Mini dress features two invisible zips on either side of the bust, creating discreet and comfortable access when on the go.

Scarlett Mini Wrap Dress

The Scarlett Wrap Dress features an overlapped wrap style that ties comfortably under your bust. As you untie the wrap it will unveil another layer of fabric so you can comfortable adjust to feed.

Edie Mini Dress 

The Edie Mini Dress is a floaty, smock style that features our very first under bust zip. A zip that blends in with the seams and extends all the way across your body.

Layla Maxi Dress  

The Layla Maxi Dress will quickly become the dress of the season. With a stylish criss-cross bust design that you can easily pull down for feeding access. The back of the dress features a drawstring tie, providing the option for a relaxed or structured look.

These elements not only make breastfeeding a breeze but also add a touch of style to your wardrobe. Whether you prefer zips for quick access, buttons for a classic look, or wraps and ties for a relaxed vibe, we have something for everyone. 


Stay tuned for further styling, maternity & feeding content via our Instagram & TikTok as we further approach launch day.

Love TLC x

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