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LA Mama: Mecah Wirht

LA Mama: Mecah Wirht

For our next TLC #famcrush 

We head to LA with total heart eyes 😍 for the Wirht’s - mama Mecah, hubby Jackson and babe Jagger. Mecahs style is an effortless and eclectic mix of pastels, vintage and print with occasional splashes of neon to form a soft, clean, hybrid aesthetic that leans itself to grunge.

Mecah - tell us your story and teach us your ways. You manage to bring a feminine softness to blacks and bold prints - how do you balance your outfits?

I never want my outfits to feel too put together. I’m always adding a laidback element, whether its throwing my hair in a messy bun or throwing on a pair of sneakers. If it's too dark, I’ll add jewellery to create a more feminine vibe. If it’s too colorful or girly, I’ll add a sneaker to throw off the “girl-i-ness” I love to throw in an unexpected twist.

TLC feels at home in your closet with its mish-mash of vintage, delicate florals and pastels with an injection of Jackson hand-me-downs. Do you choose your pieces to fit these categories or is it somewhat of a more unconscious process, drawn to what vibes with you?

I literally have ZERO process. Some days, I’m in pink head to toe and other day’s colours make me want to puke. It’s hard to have any sort of process when your style and taste is constantly changing. I always have an idea of the pieces that I’m missing in my closet, but when I go out to look for them I never really know what vibe they’ll end up. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of terrible purchases. That’s what it’s about, trial and error. 

After watching your adorable vid of Jackson carefully and considerately choosing your wardrobe for a week - hello #comfywifevibes 😍 - we notice a trend towards max comfort. Is this your number one in terms of deciding on an outfit for your day?

YES YES YES! Comfort is number one for me. Always has been, always will be. Comfort to me doesn’t necessarily mean lounge wear. It's important to note that you can still look put together while being comfortable. “Loose & baggy yet chic & put together” is kinda my vibe when it comes to any outfit, any day. When I go out to dinner, I don’t want to skip out on a course because I may be bloated in my dress. If it’s baggy, you can eat as much as you want ;) 

You live in the colourfully diverse Venice Beach. Would you say your style is parallel to your surroundings or is it something more innate to you as a person, regardless of where you are in the world?

Venice beach is one of the most diverse places I’ve ever been when it comes to style, which brings me a lot of inspiration. Although, fashion is something I’ve been passionate about since I was a young girl. Growing up, my style used to change every 5 minutes. I would hop on every trend there was. I feel like I’m finally at a place in my life where I have really figured out my vibe. I’ve stepped into this new found confidence since becoming a wife & a mom. I would say my overall vibe stays the same, no matter where I am in the world... but I’m definitely influenced by the places I’m traveling. Accessories are what really allow me to cater to the place that I’m in.

TLC wants to know - what do you predict our next style move to be? We are constantly evolving and pride ourselves on being in tune with our customers, big and small. What would you love to see from us?

I think you guys are absolutely crushing it. I LOVE to see brands step away from the fads and the fast fashion and focus on timeless, simple pieces that have longevity. I love that I can wear TLC sets on the beach in 90 degrees or on a rainy day layered with a turtle neck and boots. I would love to keep seeing simple silhouettes, beautiful linens, and as I like to say “the 3 C’s”.... classic, comfortable & chic. 

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 Words by Nikki

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