Arizona Magic With Paige Christensen

Arizona Magic With Paige Christensen

Mama Paige & Papa Ben with their little blonde crew: big sis Milo, followed by son Ruckus and baby boy Raen. These littles are just as stylish as their bigs - and we are crushing!!


Paige. Paige, Paige, Paige. I see your feed and I immediately want to move to Arizona for all that natural light and western-inspired decor. I feel as though I need to re-do my entire home after spending an hour deep in a #christensenabode vortex - seriously! The neutrals. The wicker. The soft pastels. The natural textures. Is your style more reflective of your surroundings, or do you feel more that your home is a reflection of you? 

I actually laughed when I read this question because I'm not kidding when I say that 30 minutes before reading this, my 7 year old daughter said to me, "why do you dress to match our house?  That's weird, mom."  I honestly didn't even realize that the tones I wear daily are actually a reflection of my home!  That seems so silly when I actually type it out but I guess those are the colors I'm inspired by.  I used to wear a lot of blacks and whites and now I'm fully embracing the tans, bits of color and pastels.  I'll be the first to say that it's been fun!

Milo - your mini me - has better style than most people I know. Her bathroom is total #inspo and I’m gonna keep my eye on her for future style tips AND she’s got skills with the camera! Do you see her following in your footsteps into photography or something equally as creative?

Milo is a very unique little lady.  I always say that she came into this world craving fashion.  Every night she asks for me to lay out her clothes on her dresser (shoes and socks included) because I think she just likes the idea of knowing what she's wearing the next day.  She's very artistic and every assignment she brings home from school is always decorated with some kind of elaborate drawing (luckily right now her teachers don't seem to mind).  To answer the question, yes I do think she will do something creative when she grows up!  Both my husband and I work from home so she's constantly soaking in whatever projects we are working on.  She loves to be a part of everything we do.  

Your wardrobe is eclectic - like boho meets the seventies with a splash of cowgirl. Wide leg pants, textured knits and flowing maxis stand out as your go-to. What would you say is your number one when choosing pieces for your wardrobe?  

I was just telling my friend the other day that I cannot remember the last time I wore skinny jeans.  I didn't realise it until she told me that's all she owns!  I was kind of mind blown because I honestly can't think of anything worse to wear right now.  Don't get me wrong, they look incredible on people and I do truly like them but right now I'm all about wearing whatever I feel is COMFORTABLE.  Comfort definitely dictates everything that I wear.  I like things that are oversized and big.

Paige, you make leisure suits and sweats look glamorous. Teach me your ways! Is comfort paramount to you being a busy working mama? 

YES!  I think we are on the same wave length because coming to the next question I laughed.  I must be pretty obvious about my love for comfort haha.  But my mom is the exact same way!  People love her style because she seems so confident, cute and relaxed but it's literally because she's wearing pants that are either mens or 3 sizes too big.  We both come home from working or running errands and immediately slip into pyjama pants.

Your family belong in TLC - it’s like a pastel mirage of sun kissed, lounge-ready perfection in an arid desert. What would you like to see next from us? Is there a print/style/colour way you feel is up and coming for 2020?

When I found your company I knew I needed it in my life.  All of your pieces are so simple and I love that not only is it made for women but also for kids.  What mom doesn't like to match her kids in something we all equally love to wear?  Your company nails it and everything is so good that it's hard to find something else!  Really thinking about it and trying to force myself to come up with something, I think a dusty blue color and brown kind of mud color set would be fun.  Maybe one fitted shirt or an oversized shirt that you could tuck into the front of the shorts or have tucked in all the way could be cool.  Just some ideas, not like you really need my input!
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Words by Nikki
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