On trend | Loungewear

On trend | Loungewear

In honour of our latest loungewear collection Bloom, launching 20.09.23, we wanted to take the time to delve into the current trend of loungewear and the history behind TLC.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, one trend that's making a massive impact is loungewear. 

Gone are the days when fashion was all about discomfort and sacrificing style for the sake of aesthetics. Today, comfort is the new cool, and loungewear is at the forefront of this fashionable revolution.

As The Lullaby Club we are known for our inclusive and sustainable approach to loungewear, creating various different colour ways and styles over the years.

In October 2018 The Lullaby Club was born, starting off with cot sheets, bassinets, and play mats. Soon after we expanded into linen loungewear and smock dresses. Providing the perfect day to night style that made you feel comfortable in all stages of life.

These iconic Lullaby Club pieces really shined as they began resonating with thousands of women across the world. Especially for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, feeling like themselves again through the evolving changes of a special journey.

(Pictured below is @, @_ruby__grace__, @mamaofsons)

Non-maternity, maternity wear. Something we love to go by. Without these beautiful mothers putting their trust into our products, we wouldn't be where we are today.

(Pictured below is @nyamuoch_deng, @koiiberri, @)

From bed to beach. Another phrase that represents our pieces perfectly. You can easily transform these pieces from at home lounging to frolicking along the shore. Pair over your swimmers and you'll be feeling light, floaty and ready to soak up some rays.

(Pictured below is @thesuncoastblonde, @kochaorah, @lauraember)

Loungewear has truly transitioned from being confined to the comfort of homes to making its mark as a legitimate fashion statement. We're thrilled to see people gravitating towards matching sets that encompass both comfort and effortless trendiness while out and about.

(Pictured below is @jasminemakai, @ruby.pramberg, @roxannecambridge)

The perfect canvas. We also have found so much joy turning our classic lounge pieces into beautiful artist collaborations, displaying the unique creativity and character or their work. Creating a walking piece of art! 

(Pictured below is our Caitlin Hope x TLC collaboration, Holiday. And our Art By Saint x TLC collaboration, Dolce)

Matching sets, floaty designs, inclusivity, and sustainability are truly the cornerstones of this trend and we are proud to be a part of the fashion world's embrace of loungewear.

Get ready for the 20th of September for our next exciting lounge capsule, Bloom.

Overall comfort is not just a luxury for us; it's the essence of our fashion statement. So, join us in embracing the trend, slip into your favourite Lullaby Club loungewear, and remember, comfort is our definition of cool. 

Love TLC x 

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