The Design Parlour | Behind the print

The Design Parlour | Behind the print

If you couldn't tell already, we love an iconic print here at The Lullaby Club. We always want to ensure these designs have our customers feeling fun, confident and stylish in every piece.

So when searching for new artists to connect with we stumbled across the works of 'The Design Parlour'.

Led by Christina Inserra, a visionary graphic designer based in Australia, The Design Parlour is a haven for brands seeking to do more than just exist; it's a space where meaningful experiences are brought to life, stories are told, and a difference is made in the lives of customers worldwide.

In this exclusive blog post, we peel back the curtain to uncover the magic behind The Design Parlour's captivating prints. From Christina's dedication to understanding her client's 'why' to her fun, fresh, and fashion-forward aesthetic, discover how she infuses each design with personality, purpose, and flair.

Christina, what inspired you to establish The Design Parlour, and how has your journey shaped the studio's creative vision over the years?

I established The Design Parlour Studio in 2017, after working for many years as an in house graphic and textile designer for major Australian retailers.

I craved more creativity and more connection in my day to day. I wanted to use my unique talents for a greater purpose. I’ve always been passionate about small business and a firm believer in doing what you love, so I set out to help other passionate business owners bring their dreams to life.

My mission is to emphasise the role of art and design in brand story telling and in creating customer connection. I’ve been dedicated to helping brands in the fashion and beauty industry over the last seven years and I think my persistence and determination to bring something new and different to the scene has helped shaped The Design Parlour into what it is today.

(Fleur collection, available to shop online now)

Your approach to design emphasises creating meaningful experiences and telling stories. How do you infuse your client's unique narratives into your own print designs? And where does the majority of your inspiration come from?

It’s all about leaning into what makes that brand unique. It could be the colours they usually use, themes or motifs that they resonate with. I also consider who their customer is as most of my clients have quite a cult following. What makes them feel good, and what’s most important to them.

A break from the screen and a holiday is always a good source for inspiration! I also like to check out what’s trending in high fashion and draw inspiration from anything that is loud and different.

(Shorelines print from the 'Casablanca' collection, launching 20th of March)

We are just in awe of your prints featured in our Fleur & Casablanca collections, what does it feel like when seeing your designs come to life through different mediums?

It’s an absolute dream to see my designs come to life! I’ve had my prints used on various mediums but it’s always so special to see them used in fashion. To know there are people going out into the world wearing my prints and feeling good about themselves gives so much more meaning to my artwork.

(Casablanca print from the 'Casablanca' collection, launching 20th of March)

And of course we have to know, which piece is your personal favourite from the two collections?
My favourite piece is the Layla dress! I love a puffy sleeve, it adds a little something fun to.

(Sneak peek of the 'Al Mare' collection launching 17th of April)

As we say farewell to this insightful journey behind the designs, we extend our gratitude toward Christina for sharing her passion, vision, and creativity with us.

You can find the wonderful Christina via her Instagram @thedesignparlour and her offical website,

Stay tuned for our exciting collaborations with The Design Parlour launching so soon.
'Casablanca' launching 20th of March & 'Al Mare' launching 24th of April.

Love TLC x 
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