Tik Tok’n, peach poppin’ real talkin’ babe: Jessiika Wilson.

Tik Tok’n, peach poppin’ real talkin’ babe: Jessiika Wilson.

Hello my TLC’ers!

It’s been a hot minute! Our lil fam bam biz is growing like a sunflower under your love 🌻

First up in our little TLC spotlight is one of our OG TLC babes: the Tik Tok’n, peach 🍑 poppin’ real talkin’ babe that is Jessiika Wilson.

Married to Phil and mama to Bowie, Levi & Goldie girl, Jess is the realest & rawest (and funniest) Mum - who tells it EXACTLY like it is.

Jessiika’s socials are fun and clever yet vulnerable and honest and you can’t help but want to hang with her. She is a camera wiz who captures magical memories in motion with a very successful photography business.

Loves a montage. Loves a dance. Loves a TLC haul parade - welcome Jessiika Wilson!


So Jess. You’re an open book and you’ve taken us on many a journey - from a mummy makeover to a runway-worthy fash haul showcasing your assets and adorning your bod in TLC from head to toe. And what a vision! What three words would you use to describe your fashion aesthetic?

Ooh! This is a hard one, I’ve never felt like I’ve fallen into one style category! I love a bit of everything and just mixing it up! But if I had to pick three words I would say... Minimal, Casual & Cute!


Your happy, sunshiny feed gives me warm fuzzies. The way you capture families and blossoming bellies is magic. What drew you so much to capturing families and in particular - pregnant mamas?

I was really inspired through my own journey into motherhood and capturing my own moments and that’s really where the passion for motherhood blossomed and now I just love creating those memories for other people! I love pregnancy and little squishy babies it honestly makes my heart melt!


You are a stand-out in the Influencer world because NOTHING you touch is boring - your cute lil’ edits with Phil and your impromptu dance moves make watching your ad content effortlessly fun. You seem super creative but I know so much work goes in behind the scenes. How long does the whole process take? From planning, filming, editing to the finished product?

Yikes, hours! Influencing and content creating seems like a quick easy job but I can tell you, its not! Content takes hoursssss, especially video! Editing can be a real bitch but thankfully I get a kick out of it and now I’ve got a hubby who loves it too so I don’t have to do it all alone!

We just adore how you fiercely love your gals and the way they inspire you to try new things. You keep your compost for Harmony, you tried eco nappies. You also tried to be vegetarian for a while, and decided it wasn’t for you. We LOVE you for that. You give 110% but aren’t afraid to admit when it’s not for you which is HUGE when you have a huge online platform. I can imagine that would be a difficult thing to do in a world that likes to portray perfection when intent is honestly the most important thing. What gives you the courage to be so real?

Oh 100% and so many people try to hold you accountable but I think everyone just needs to realise that everything is not for everyone.
I think I find it easier to be “real” because I find it harder not too, if that makes sense. People/my followers, they aren’t silly and they can see straight through the bullshit and that can be a real reality check for people trying to make it when they might not be portraying who they really are or sharing things they’re actually interested in. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole and try to offer people something you think they might want to see but honestly to anyone who does that, aren’t you tired? Haha I just find being myself easier because well, I don’t have to try!


You rock TLC like nobody's business and wear it like it’s made for you! What do you want us to do next?! What else can you throw on and blow us away with?!

I honestly think TLC was made for me, I have no doubt in my mind I was the muse for it from the beginning! HAHA
But honestly, It’s my fave stand out brand and I applaud you for doing something new and different! Something I would love to see from TLC is maybe swimwear and more short style dresses ready for summer! But everything you do is amazing regardless and I’ll be first in line for it! LOVE YA

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Words by Nikki

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  • Carly

    Such a great write up! Jessiika is brilliant, such a hoot and her stories, images and natural ability to draw us in and share her life with us is magic! And she looks fabulous in all of TLC clothing! x 🌻

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