Body posi, pastel pink mermaid... Jessi Abass

Body posi, pastel pink mermaid... Jessi Abass

Up next for our Lullaby crush we have the peachy, pastel pink mermaid that is Jessi Abass. Madly in love with her husbo Danny, Jessi is all about the boho beach vibe, big hat and bigger hair - but make it PINKER! Not one to shy away from a colour co-ord or a matchy-match set, Jessi is TLC ALL. OVER. 



Jessi - we love how you have your own signature style and the way you put together your looks from head (hat) to toe (can I get a bright white trainer or a chunky boot pls & thank-you?). Has this vibe always been your go-to or is it something you have evolved into?

That is so lovely of you to say!! Haha will I ever be seen without a hat again? Maybe not! In all seriousness I definitely have grown my lack of colour hat collection over time and I really feel naked without one on!
I used to dress in a very monochrome colour pallet, but as I have grown to really embrace my body and allow the process of growing to love the skin I’m in I have loved dressing in a brighter colour pallet and not hiding away in blacks anymore!

You are so passionately outspoken about posi self talk and embracing the female form just as it is. Is this something that has been instilled in you from an influential person in your life?

I’ve had a really interesting journey with my relationship with my body. I would say growing up that I had an extremely unhealthy way of looking at food and understanding what my body needed and what it actually would look like with a healthy balanced lifestyle. I actually struggled with an eating disorder when I was 15-19. I was really starving myself and basically didn’t eat properly during that period to maintain a size 6. When I finally started to put back on weight it was really hard for me, but over the past 4 years I have developed a very accepting and loving outlook toward my body and what it is allowing me to do- LIVE, MOVE, THRIVE! Every single day I look in the mirror and say out loud 10 things I love about it, I embrace the changes it goes through daily and know it won’t look the same tomorrow- so why not enjoy exactly what it looks like today!? That has been my little motto and it is so beautiful to be able to look at my body from any angle and be truly a peace with it more now then ever. 


Your feed has moved from soft neutrals earlier on to a louder, brighter and PINKER injection more recently. Is this reflective of your own personal growth? It reads like a veil of neutrality has lifted and you've come into your own. Bigger and brighter. Is this representative of a time of change for you?

Reading this question was so meaningful and I got a little teary, because I really truly believe yes, it has been a period of coming into my own. If you scroll back a while you’d notice a complete change where I started to post what I wanted, not what made a “beautiful feed” or was super curated! I share real, raw and honest thoughts and imagery to go with it! I never ever thought it would resonate with people the way it has, but I am SO glad I started showing up as the real me and being fearless in that! 


Your locks. Talk to me. I want to be a mermaid. You inspire me to swipe on a pop of pink on my pout, a floaty Avalon Maxi, a big ol' hat and frolic my way forwards, sprinkling smiles and glitter in my wake. What's the secret to your luscious mane?

Girl, I’m with you, my life long dream is to be a mermaid! Haha!! Also- I’m so here for frolicking around with glitter, if only that was a job!

I always tell everyone who asks, it’s extensions!

I am a woman of a few random trades and one of them is being a hair extension specialist! I do my own tape extensions as I love having control over how the are placed, that definetly gives my hair a more natural and full look!

I only use hair house warehouse shampoo and conditioner, and I take JS health vitamins the “hair and energy” ones! My hair literally growing so much thicker and healthier!! Especially for the blonde babes out there! It’s magic! 


You're not opposed to mixing luxe with low-cost while styling your surrounds, and I am LIVING for your caravan. Please tell me when the Abass Abode is finished that you will list it on Air BnB? Please!?

Caravan life is the lifeeeee! Haha we are so fortunate to be able to stay in the caravan set up we’ve built with our dad while we build our dream home by the beach!

This is going to be such a huge change for us as it’s an hour + away from those we love but it’s the right move for the lifestyle we want!

You know what- one day I want to renovate a caravan and rent it out for use as an Air BnB and allow others to enjoy the minimalist lifestyle we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing during our house build! 



You make TLC your own and we can't wait to see you in our Summer release pieces - what do you think we have coming, and what do you want to see for Summer?

You know what, TLC has made my wardrobe complete, and when I see you bring another item out I’m like WHAT! I need it ASAP! I have never ever found a brand that fits me as well as TLC, its the colours I love, the style, comfort and ease of dressing any item up or down!

I have never felt more me when I’m wearing any garment of yours. I’m just always so excited for any new release you have coming out, I put a reminder on my phone so I never miss out on a pre order! Haha! 

I think maybe a maxi style summer dress and comfy summer skirt!? I love the smock look in tops so I would be sooo down for a few smock tops I can tuck into a skirt or wear with my linen lullaby linen pants!

For real though- I know whatever you bring out I will love so I’m just excited for that! 


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Words by Nikki

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  • Helen Vosti

    Such an inspiration. What a divine little mermaid! Loving the journey!

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