Style Crush: Kayla Gane

Style Crush: Kayla Gane

The Lullaby club would lurrrrvve to introduce one of our iconic style babes, Kayla. Makin' a biz’ outta flatlays and content, Kayla’s style is right on point with The Lullaby Club. Think neutrals. Balmy blondes. Floaty linens. Think sand, woven wicker, seashells and the sea.

Who are the key people in your world? Tell us about your fam, where you live and what you do! 

I'm super super close with my family. We all work in the same warehouse so we are all best friends and super close but still know when to give each other some space. My family lives on 10 acres with horses and chickens so we are real farm country people. My mum is literally my best friend I go to her for EVERYTHING

My grandma is literally my world she is my rock for everything so I look up to both of them for sure. My partner Connor is also my best friend and soul mate. We have been together for 5 years and everyday he still gives me butterflies in my tummy! Connor and I live on the Gold Coast about a minute walk to the beach with our little caviller puppy. We are both water babies so we had to live by the sea.

How would you describe your personal style and what’s important to you? 

Lots of people say my style is quite boho/neutral. I would say my style is a mix of comfy, flowy, boho and beachy all mixed in one! Quality time with family and friends is important to me. I truly appreciate the times where we all sit and laugh and just chat. Another important thing to me is treating others with kindness. There isn’t enough kindness and happiness in the world so I genuinely love to spread love and all those good things xx

Has your style evolved over time or have you always been a beachy, creamy mermaid? 

My style has defiantly evolved. When I was younger I went through that stage of wearing teenage things. You know the mini skirts and crop tops haha but I always felt so uncomfortable and not my self. When I found my style I felt so myself and secure. I honestly hate tight uncomfortable clothes. I've had this style for quite a while now when I first dressed like this I use to get so many stares and comments on why I dress like a “potato sack”. Now I just embrace and love my style. I feel comfortable and good in my skin and that’s all that matters.

Linen blends, crochet, cheesecloth and cotton are definitely timeless and trend-less in their naturalness and ease of wear and are becoming more accessible. What do you look for in an outfit? What’s important to you? 

I'm actually super super fussy in what I wear. I'm that type of person that If I don’t completely LOVE an outfit I will just return it and get something else. What I look for in an outfit is defiantly comfort meets flattering. I always look for something that I’m going to feel and look good in. What I mean by that is I usually like something that comes in at the waist or tucks in to give my body a bit of shape while still feeling super comfy. I also love material that feel soft and durable as I love wearing an outfit 100+ times hahah literally.

What would you like to see more of? From Lullaby Club specifically, and elsewhere? 

Ooooh I would love to see some skirts, maxi and mini with elastic waists! It’s so hard to find a nice fitting skirt. I would also would to see a button up dress maybe with a waist tie or something! These are my go to dresses as they can also be worn unbuttoned at the beach!

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Words by Nikki

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